Using Pistachio Flour for Baking to Get Maximum Benefits

Are you looking for a good gluten-free substitute for regular wheat flour? If so, the nutty flavor of pistachio flour will not disappoint you. This type of flour is ideal for making pistachio French macaroons and provides a mouth-watering finish to you healthy smoothies. Also, you can mix this flour in muffins, cookies, and cakes. Because of the green color distinct in pistachio meals, you can be sure to liven up any dish when using this flour.

Using the Flour for Baking

The flour made from pistachio can be baked with anything. It makes a good substitute for people who are in a gluten-free diet. The flour provides an excellent way to prepare treats while maintaining the diet. When using the flour, you can bake cakes, breads, muffins, cakes, and a lot more. You can expect to see a heartier texture to your baked goods and a nutty undertone to recipes. Plus, you will be able to enjoy an additional dose of nutrition if you use the flour for baking. As with any nuts, pistachios contain lots of protein. Thus, using its flour version can support a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Benefits of Pistachios to Health

Just like other food items, pistachios provide many benefits to human health such as:

  • Keep the heart healthy. Pistachio nut flour contains monounsaturated fats lower the bad cholesterol and raise the good one. Also, its L-arginine content contributes to the cardiovascular healthy by increasing the arterial wall’s flexibility, preventing blood clots.
  • Have powerful antioxidants. Consuming 100 grams of pistachios give the body 150 percent of the recommended daily intake in vitamin. Such antioxidant boosts skin health by ensuring the cell walls don’t get damaged. It also prevents the oxidation of bad cholesterol, minimizing the risk of developing clogged arteries.
  • Maintain digestive health. The flour made from pistachio is composed of fiber with 100 grams giving 28% of the recommended daily fiber intake. Fiber has been known for promoting the smooth movement of food in the gut and supporting the colon’s healthy bacterial growth.
  • Prevent hypertension. Because pistachios don’t have sodium, people who have blood pressure issues can safely consume. The nuts also have health-boosting minerals like magnesium, copper, manganese, zinc, calcium, and phosphorus.

Baking with pistachio nut flour makes you want to share your baked goods with your loved ones and friends. But, because this flour is not made equal, make sure you get it from a reputable supplier.

Eldis Algar

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