Food Coloring for Baking 101

You all know white frosting and cupcakes could be radically turned into masterpieces of green, teal, and violet with the help of coloring. If you are thinking of making fondant decorations or want to color the icing of vanilla cake into a certain shade, you just need to visit a good cake decorating supplies store and buy some edible ready-to-roll color fondant or food coloring icing.

But what exactly is food coloring, how it is made, and how you can naturally replicate it in your kitchens? It is important, due to the fact that whatever your color would be consumed likely, so you must know what food color is exactly made of. From food coloring powder and food coloring gel to natural colorants such as blue spirulina and raspberries, you can explore down.

Food coloring gel

Food coloring gels are used in the same way as any liquid food coloring. This concentrated form of coloring is made of a synthetic coloring agent, mixed with corn syrup, water, and glycerin. Typically, food coloring gels are applied to frostings with a help of a toothpick for various saturated colors. They are easily available online in stores like Hot Stuff Bakeware and are sold both in a variety of packs and individually as well.

These gels have the added advantage of reducing the number the rounds you must buy more gel food coloring, thus making it a cost-effective option too.

Food coloring powder

This food coloring powder is often sold in jars filled with such dry powder. Food coloring powder is a synthetic coloring that contains no corn syrup, glycerin, or water. These powered dyes are popular recipes such as macaroons, where mostly the liquids offset the texture if its end results. And they are not as popular in various stores in comparison to liquid and gel, but yet could be available with a reputable cake decorating supplier like Hot Stuff Bakeware online.

Food Coloring Liquid

It is the most common and traditional food coloring solution, often used in frostings, coloring icing, and so on. They come in attractive plastic squeeze bottles and are available in several beautiful colors like blue, yellow, red, etc. Food coloring liquids are water base and are made of synthetic colors and are found in most baking stores. It is supposed to be added in drop form, (the more drops you add, the deeper the color becomes). Note that if you want a much deeper color, you must choose food coloring liquid as compared to gel or powder (as it is the most diluted of all the 3 varieties available).

For fondant or dough, a similar approach is used. Add a few drops of food liquid, roll it into a ball and then knead the color in, till it blends evenly.

If you are searching for the best cake decorating supplier that stocks gel paste food coloring, fondant flowers, colored icing, and other several cake decorating supplies online, order from Hot Stuff Bakeware. You can easily browse their wide range of edible products by simply visiting their website as well.


Eldis Algar

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