4 myths and misconceptions about duck meat

Poultry meat has a wide range of fans all over the world. Many people usually prefer everything that falls under this category. However, others have a specific preferred type. And there has always been some arguments regarding duck meat and how healthy it is. Also there are some myths and misconceptions about it. Here are some of the most famous myths about duck that have prevented you from cooking roasted duck for a long time:

  • Duck is red meat

Many people believe that duck belongs to red meat category. This is because of the color tone of its meat. It is dark and when compared to chicken there is a huge difference in color. This difference actually gives duck a huge advantage. While duck meat is definitely a white meat, the dark tone means simply indicates its richness in iron. Also, when compared to chicken, duck has higher levels of myoglobin. This protein contributes to the dark color of duck meat.

  • Duck meat doesn’t offer variety

It is commonly believed that duck meat is all the same. In fact, this is far from truth. You can find different tastes in duck depending on the type and species you are consuming. Basically, the species will vary according to the region you are residing in. For instance, The American Pekin is pretty popular in North America, while you can enjoy Muscovy duck in Australia. Also, the way you cook it contributes to the taste variety. Roasting duck meat remains however one of the most popular way to enjoy.

  1. Duck meat is unhealthy

Duck meat tends to be fatty. This is why many people consider it unhealthy. There is no doubt that duck meat is one of the healthiest and most nutritious type of poultry. You can have a rich combination of nutrients if you add duck meat to your diet. For example, this meat has decent amounts of Omega 3 and vitamin B. All this and more can improve your overall health and well-being.

  1. Duck meat tastes bad

This is another misconception of duck meat that many people fall for. Duck meat definitely offers a strong taste and aroma. Some people don’t like the smell of duck, but you can’t blame the bird for this. It is all about the way you cook it. If you wash the meat properly and add necessary spices and flavors, you will have super tasty meat.


You shouldn’t deny your body the numerous benefits of duck meat and give in to unfair misconceptions. It is important to choose the provider you are getting your ducks from because this can guarantee the quality and freshness of your meal.

Eldis Algar

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